All proceeds from this fundraiser support Community Cooperative Nursery School (CCNS), a 501c3 organization.  

CCNS is a preschool with a 60-year tradition of providing children a creative environment with professional guidance.  With a unique passion and vision combining creativity, play, the child and the family, CCNS proudly remains one of the few truly cooperative preschools in Connecticut. The parents own and care for the school and in doing so, embrace the qualities CCNS strives to instill in children. 

CCNS, a CT licensed preschool offering classes for 2-5 year olds, uses an emergent curriculum to foster its students’ sense of wonder and learning. The School’s Educational Director, Dana Gorman, is a nationally recognized practitioner of emergent education. To learn more about this methodology, you can visit Dana’s blog: 

For more information on CCNS please visit the CCNS website at

Community Cooperative Nursery School

CCNS Fun Run & Family Day